Fan Rong

Fan Rong is an athlete from Jinzhou, Liaoning. He is skilled in comprehensive combat. He has a strong personality, a tough style, and is a brave and determined individual. His nickname is ‘King Kong War Police’.

Fan Rong enrolled in Harbin Institute of Physical Education in 2009 and graduated in 2013. He joined the military and served in the Chengdu Women's Special Police Force in Sichuan, serving as the head coach of combat. In 2015, he retired with honors and continued to engage in comprehensive combat. During his military service, Fan Rong's tough combat style was inseparable from his military career.

Years of hard training have not been in vain, and now Fan Rong is one of the strongest MMA athletes in China. He ranks first in the Asian professional rankings and stands at the pinnacle of the Asian professional.

Main achievements:

  • Dacheng Martial Arts 2016 – 3X Gold;
  • Dacheng Martial Arts Asian Quad 2016 – Gold;
  • Wulin Cage Squadron 2016 – 3X Gold;
  • World MMA Championship 85+kg 2016 – Bronze;
  • King's Championship 2016 – Gold;
  • Champion of the International Boxing Star Era Annual Ceremony 2017;
  • Warriors' Glory Tournament, 6 consecutive victories 2017;
  • Swiss MJM event gold belt 2018;
  • Asian Comprehensive Fighter Championships 93 kg 2018 – Gold;
  • ONE Championship 2019 – Gold;
  • ONE Singapore Station 2020 – Gold.