Rhys Allan

Rhys Allan is a second Dan judo black belt and jiu-jitsu purple belt under Keller Locke Sodhi of Grappling Education in Sydney, Australia. He is also affiliated with DRAIG in Swansea, Wales. Recently, Rhys has been training under the guidance of Ashley Williams.


With a background in judo, Rhys began grappling to develop his newaza (ground game) for competitive judo. With a string of international wins to qualify for the youth Olympic Games in 2018.


After losing love for the sport, Rhys transitioned to submission grappling at the beginning of 2022 as a means to reignite his passion for martial arts and quickly gained traction within the sport.


His jiu-jitsu style is unique and explosive, leading him to recent success at the No Gi European Championships and a deep run at the ADCC Trials in Singapore.


Main Achievements:

  • ADCC Asia Oceania Trials – 2nd Place;
  • IBJJF No Gi European Championships (Middleweight, Purple Belt) – 1st Place;
  • Subversion Superfight Winner –  4X;
  • Youth Olympian;
  • Australian Judo Champion –  6X;
  • U18 Judo Asian/European Cup Medallist –  5X.