AL Leone Brand was created in 2020, by a group of like-minded sports lovers united by a common passion: living active and healthy lifestyles. We specialize in high-quality, comfortable, and practical gear from rashguards and shorts to sweatshirts, kimonos, and more, built especially for grapplers in need of high-performance sportswear to match their high-achieving results.


Driven by the motto “Mens sana in corpore sano,” (Latin for “a healthy mind in a healthy body”), AL Leone optimizes the latest in sportswear technology to create high-quality, comfortable, and practical gear built especially with grapplers in mind. With manufacturing controlled at every stage, the result is that each of our garments--a wide range of rashguards, shorts, sweatshirts, kimonos, and more--are crafted with elaborate detail and built for withstanding high-performance activity.


AL Leone grappling sportswear is designed: 

  • unique in aesthetics, with a minimalistic style;
  • durable for even the most intensive training;
  • made from a standard of strength and quality;
  • protective against injury during combat;
  • effective for all levels of training;
  • with long-lasting wearability.


AL Leone’s high-performance sportswear is tailor-made for grapplers hungry to achieve high results.