ADCC Asia and Oceania (Trials 2)

On May 11th, 2024, the ADCC Asia and Oceania (Trials 2) were held in Bangkok. AL LEONE sponsored athletes showed their best this time, demonstrating outstanding skill and dedication.

Congratulations to Daniel Schuardt for securing gold in the -99 kg division and earning his spot in the 2024 ADCC World Championship. Xu Huai Qing also made history as the first Chinese national to win in the -66 kg weight category. 

We are incredibly proud of Daiki Yonekura, who earned silver, and Nadia Frankland, who took home bronze. We applaud all our athletes who participated, including Kaya Rudolph, Seilkhan Bolatbek, Benny Kim, and Alikhan Igembek, for their exceptional performances.

   Our AL LEONE booth showcased our classic and limited collections, providing BJJ athletes and enthusiasts from around the globe with the opportunity to explore our top-quality sportswear.

 Next stop is Las Vegas, the 2024 ADCC World Championship! OSS!