Al Leone Proudly Sponsors AIGA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: MODOLFO Secures $50,000 Prize as Champions

In December 13-14, 2023, the AIGA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Jiu-Jitsu Championship was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, at the Baluan Sholak Palace of Culture and Sports.


As a sponsor of the tournament, AL Leone provided all participating teams with professional sports equipment to ensure that they perform at their best on the field.

 The tournament was held as a team competition and after a tough competition, MODOLFO sports team was crowned the champion with their outstanding performance and received a prize money of USD 50,000 from AL Leone. Let's congratulate them!



Teams ACAI REPUBLIC and UNIVERAL FIGHTERS won the second and third place respectively, congratulations!

We are proud of the success of AIGA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and the athletes we support. We thank AIGA for their professional organization and careful planning, as well as every participant for their hard work and dedication.


Al Leone's booth was also open at the venue, collaborating with AIGA to provide the most professional BJJ kits support for the athletes. Everyone was welcome to make purchases.


In the future, AL Leone will continue to focus on and support all kinds of Jiu-Jitsu competitions and activities, and cooperate with more like-minded brands and organizations to promote the development of sports. Let's cheer for dreams and passion together!