Guillaume Émilien Leclerc

Guillaume is a passionate and hard-working athlete who eats, sleeps, and breathes jiu-jitsu. Originally from Quebec, Canada, he moved to Nanjing where he is currently studying Mandarin and working as a head instructor the Nanjing BJJ Academy. Also, he is a certified instructor of Gracie University and a referee for SJJF and GCJJF.
His strive for knowledge and attention to detail has proven him to be one of the top competitors and instructors in China. He is also sought after by academies all over the country to teach seminars.
As for experience in martial arts, Guillaume has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Robert Biernacki, a brown belt in Capoeira, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do; Kickboxing 1:0:0. His jiu-jitsu style is well-rounded.
As a teacher, he focuses on details and techniques. Guillaume teaches a combination of both traditional and modern styles which gives his students a well-rounded, complete game.
In his class you will learn the concepts and skills that make Jiu-Jitsu work.

Main achievements:

  • Nanjing BJJ Academy Co-Founder and Head Instructor
  • Gracie University Certified Instructor
  • Referee for SJJF and GCJJF
  • RoushuChouqin Online Academy Founder
  • Over 20 years of martial arts experience
  • ADCC Canada Open Vancouver Advanced 70kg Champion
  • Super fights Champion 10 Times
  • AJP Champion 2 times
  •  SJJCF Champion 15 times
  • GCJJF Champion 8 times Second 4 times
  • ASJJF Champion 4 times Second 1 time Third 1 time
  • Copa Katana Vancouver Champion 2 times
  • UAEJJF Champion 3 times Second 1 time Third 1 time
  • Phuket, Kata Beach Open Champion
  • Xuzhou Open Champion 1 time Second 1 time
  • King of Catch Asia (Shanghai) Champion 2 times
  • Beijing Open Champion