Seilkhan Bolatbek

A young jiu-jitsu talent from Kazakhstan, that is how this sportsman can be described.

Seilkhan was a natural athlete, at the age of 10 he first started playing sports, it was judo. Initially, he performed only in small competitions. Over time, he started to take prizes and eventually became a champion. Once he heard that there was such a type of wrestling as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It seriously interested him that he decided to try himself out.

In 2017, the Kazakhstan Top Team BJJ Academy opened next to his house. So he was one of the first to sign up for the gym. Since then, he has still been doing BJJ and grappling.

Now Seilkhan is a purple belt and he is not going to stop.

 ‘My goal is to become an IBJJF Black Belt Champion and compete at the ADCC World Grappling Championships. I think that together with the Alleone team I will achieve the highest results,’ he said.

 Main achievements:

  • Double World Medalist;
  • Triple Asian Champion;
  • Five-time Champion of Kazakhstan.