Zhu Hong Yu

Zhu Hong Yu, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, is now training at Method MMA Shanghai in China. He is taught by Oliver Michailesco, a third-degree black belt and a member of MK Team in Paris, France.

Zhu Hong Yu started learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2016 when he was still an overseas student in France. The Gracie family used leverage strategy and defeated all other rivals in the UFC, and the Gracie family’s championship stimulated his great interest in jiu-jitsu. He decided to drop out of school resolutely after receiving a short-term training for half a year. So he started receiving full-time jiu-jitsu training at MK Team in Paris as a jiu-jitsu athlete.

By now, Zhu Hong has participated in more than 40 competitions. He also teaches lessons in Paris, France, and Shanghai, China, translates and explains the latest overseas jiu-jitsu skills on the internet, popularizing jiu-jitsu and offering his efforts to help jiu-jitsu lovers in China. He believes that jiu-jitsu is more than a competitive sport, and it is a kind of martial art in essence. What he learns in jiu-jitsu is useful and definitely helpful for winning and survival in mixed martial arts and can be used to protect ourselves and our family members at crucial moments.

According to his training philosophy, one should acquire relevant knowledge logic and concepts, understand the mind maps, and then learn and improve the movements.

‘Our thinking and body movements should be synchronous in learning, and we should connect and integrate all the skills instead of learning them one by one to achieve an efficient, easy and accurate learning,’ he said.

Danaher, Craig Jones, Gordon Ryan and Rafael Mendes are his idols.

Main achievements:

  • Open De Mediterrnane Purple Belt 2019 – 1st Place;
  • Grappling Industries Bordeux Purple Belt 2019 – 1st Place;
  • CFJJB Open de Zone L’est Purple Belt 2019 – 1st Place;
  • Grappling Industries Open Class Purple Belt 2019 – 1st Place;
  • QingDao Beach 2020 – 1st Place;
  • SJJCF Chongqing Gi & No Gi 2020 – 1st Place;
  • AJP Gi & No Gi 2021 – 1st Place;
  • GCJJF 2021 – 1st Place;
  • UFC 5v5 Team Fight Win by submission Inside Heel Hook 2021;
  • ADIDAS Changsha Brown Belt Gi & No Gi 2022 – 1st Place;
  • TKO-ET MMA 2021 – 1st Place;
  • KO-BULLETFLY MMA 2021 – 1st Place;
  • Split Decision-Cage Boxing Changsha 2022 – 1st Place.